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Final Word on Curlformers

I LOVE Curlformers!!! I know this is a big change from my last post where I was unsure based on the effort it took to put them in. However I must tell you guys now that the work was well worth it in the end. While I wasn’t blown away by the curls the Curlformers produced, I had the most amazing twist outs on my hair in the days following. I wore the curls for two days and then I did twist outs for a week after that. My hair was completely stretched (just like if I used a blow dryer) and it remained that way throughout the entire week. Even after all of my P90X workouts!

They lasted about a week and a half. I could have kept them in longer, but my hair was screaming for a wash. They were much easier to maintain then my normal twist outs which have to be done over every 3 days. I also experienced less single stranded knots which is great for hair retention. Curlformers gets two thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to try them again. They may even make it into my regular style rotation!!!

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