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Hair and Fitness

There are many women who feel that they don’t want to sacrifice their hair for fitness. These women understand that exercise is important, but feel that they don’t want to mess up that hairdo that took all Saturday in a hair salon to get perfect. I used to be that woman. I could never sustain a consistent exercise regimen because hair was always a factor.

Natural hair resolves this dilemma. Natural hair and fitness are a match made in heaven. I can exercise and have great looking hair immediately following my exercise session. Moisture (sweat) is no longer a concern and I can exercise most days with no issues.

Most people probably don’t realize that exercise can actually promote hair growth. Various yoga poses such as downward dog and head stands allow blood to flow to the scalp which provides an avenue for your scalp to gain the nutrients and oxygen that stimulate hair growth. Also, people who exercise tend to pay more attention to their diet. A proper diet can create stronger, healthier hair that is less likely to experience breakage.

On my site, I will begin to focus on fitness and diet as well as hair tips. I think its important to focus on all aspects of beauty. Who wants great looking hair but an unhealthy looking body??

Workout and Maintain Hairstyle – Best $4 I Ever Spent

I have found the best hair product ever!!! I was struggling with keeping my hairstyle after working out. This was particularly difficult when I decided to wear my hair straight. I don’t straighten often, but when I did, I couldn’t exercise in order to keep the style. I knew that there had to be a solution. I researched and tried many things. I wrapped my hair, put it in a tight ponytail, wore a bun, wore a headband, wore a bandanna. You name it, I tried it. But nothing seemed to work.

A few weeks ago while surfing online, I came across some message board where someone mentioned this mesh cap. I didn’t believe that this could work, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I had just been to the salon and was sporting the straight look. I wasn’t exercising and the guilt was killing me, so I made the purchase.

I waited until I was ready to give up the straight look before putting this to use. I was about 3 days into the hairstyle when I tried this. I wrapped my hair tight and made sure that none of my hair was touching my skin. I did a session of TurboFire and if anyone has tried it, the routine is very intense and I was sweating profusely after. I was convinced that my hair was a gonner. WRONG! I took down my hair and, although it wasn’t as straight as when I wrapped it (turns out I didn’t spend enough time making sure the back of my hair wasn’t touching my skin), my hair was basically still straight. I wrapped my hair that evening, sprayed some oil sheen on it, and tightly wrapped my stretchy silk scarf. The next morning, my hair was perfect! I wore the style for 3 more days and exercised once more. When I decided to wash it out, my hair was still straight. The only reason I couldn’t keep the style was my hair badly needed a wash!

Miracle product. No more excuses. New hairstyle no longer means no exercise!! It also works for those with relaxed hair.

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