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CurlFormers Review

I decided to do a set of curlformers. What a Task!!!! It took me 3.5 hours from wash to set. I used over 50 curlformers and I still came up short. I improvised by making a few of the curls have more hair. Your supposed to keep it small so you can get closer to the root. Sleeping was another issue. I decided to let them air dry because I despise sitting under the dryer. This meant I had to sleep in them. Never again!!! Next time I’ll do them in the morning and let them sit all day or I will just sit under the stupid dryer.

Anyway, I am not quite sure there will be a next time. I did the set because others have said that it stretched their hair out and caused less knots. My results were OK, but they look pretty similar to my normal twist out done on medium size twists and stretched with bands (actually I think I like the twist out better). This takes me all of 1 hour from wash to set and is much easier to sleep on.

I will give it a few days though. The one thing I do like that is different from the twists out is that my hair is pretty straight. If this falls and gives me a way to do mini twists or straighten with my flat iron without having to blow-dry my hair, then I will call it a success. Se below for the pics!

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