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List of Protective Styles

Here is a list of great protective styles. I found it on LHCF and thought it would be great to share as I am taking on this challenge!

SLEEK & SIMPLE (for long hair, some for short/med hair):
– Bun
– Bun w/ Chopsticks
– Bunned pigtails
– Chignon (
– French Roll/Twist
– Braided Coil Updo ( – scroll to Beyonce)
– Roller/Flexirod/Curlformer set & Clip up the hair
– Flamenco (,
– Elegant Gibson (,

– Bantu Knots (
– Finger / Comb Coils (for short natural hair)(,

– Twisted Ponytail
– Twisted Ponytail into Bun
– Chunky Twists
– Tiny Twists
– Flat Twists (,
– Senegalese Twists (
– Kinky Twists
– Spring Twists
– Gypsy Twists (scroll down:
– Baby Curl Twists (scroll down:
– Loc Extensions (

– Single Braided Ponytail
– Single Braided Ponytail into Bun
– Double Braided Bun (
– Box Braids (w/ real hair)
– Box Braids (w/ extensions)
– Individual Braids (extensions)
– Micros (not too tight though)
– Cornrows (w/ real hair)
– Cornrows (w/ extensions)
– Plaits
– One French Braid
– Two French Braids
– French Tuck (
– English/Dutch Braids (,
– French/English/Dutch Braid(s) (w/ extensions)
– Victorian (
– Edwardian Braid (
– More braided styles:

– Cornrows in front; Twists in back
– Cornrows in front; Box Braids in back
– Cornrows in front; Bun in back
– Flat Twists in front; Twists in back
– Flat Twists in front; Box Braids in back
– Flat Twists in front; Bun in back
– Bantu Knots in front; Twists in back
– Bantu Knots in front; Box Braids in back
– Bantu Knots in front; Bun back
– Braids into Bantu Knots (
– Twists into Bantu Knots

– Cornrows under Wig
– Weave / Sew-in
– Micros / Sew-in Combo
– Lace Front / Lace Wig
– Phony pony
– Phony puff
– Cornrows under HeadWrap (
– Bun under HeadWrap

Healthy Hair – Growth Challenge

So there is 113 days until the 1st day of Summer. I don’t know about others, but Summer brings extra stress to my hair. I swim so the chlorine and the lack of time to spend on my hair (due to being out and about) causes problems. Being that I just finished with the blond fiasco, I am not looking forward to dealing with unhealthy hair again. Also, having 2 inches cut set me back in my hair growth challenge.

Having said all of that, I am going on a 113 day challenge. This will be extremely difficult for me as I am in loooove with my hair. I like different styles and I like for it to be wild and loose! To tackle the different styles, I will be trying all different types of buns, phony ponies, and any other protective styles I find through research and my own creativity. For wild and loose, I will allow myself one weekend a month with loose hair. I know I wouldn’t survive cold turkey 🙂

My action plan is as follows:

  • Protected styles worn throughout the 113 days. Ends will be hidden in all protective styles. My hair will only be worn out on special occasions which will be limited to 1 weekend out of a month.
  • Weekly shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo (most shampoos can be drying).
  • Weekly deep treatments with olive oil, honey, and conditioner.
  • No direct heat applied to hair except for the 8 week salon visit for a trim.
  • I will measure hair every 4 weeks to track progress. This will be done on stretched hair from a braid or twist out.
  • Moisture applied to hair every 3 days. Moisture will be sealed with Avocado, Olive, or Coconut oil.
  • Follow a healthy diet and exercise program (P90x/Turbo Fire Challenge)
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Starting Length – front/middle 9.5 inches, back/nape 6 inches

Who’s with me?? Let’s get this started. We can do it!

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