So I am back!!! I was gone for a while because I wasn’t feeling so great about my hair. I didn’t think I could help others when I was in such a bad state!!! I had been dying my hair blond since April of 2010. It looked great at first but then I noticed that it was extremely dry and broken off. Additionally, my hair was different colors since trying to get my roots died the same shade blond every 8 weeks was a major task.

I was so scared that I would have to get all of my hair cut off that I refused to visit a salon. After some time, things were so bad that I forced myself to make an appointment. I had to go to a same day salon (Hair Cuttery), so I wouldn’t talk myself out of what I thought had to be done. (SB: I loved the salon and will be going back every 8 weeks for a trim). I prepared myself for yet another Big Chop (I was just above APL). When I sat in the chair, I immediately told the beautician my issues. To my surprise, she laughed. She told me that blond die tends to be drying and will wreck havoc on someone’s hair, but all I needed was about a 2 inch trim. I was sooo relieved. I proceeded to go back to my dark brown original color (the end result was a little darker then my natural color) and I will not be going blond anytime soon…if ever.

WHEW! I feel much better about myself and I can go back to my old hobby of caring for natural hair. My hair looks and feels great which means I look and feel great! Look out for more blogging in the upcoming months as I get back on track with my healthy hair regimen.

Below are some pics of my new hair. I’m lovin it. Photos were taken with a phone cam. I promise to take better pics with my nixon soon đŸ™‚