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Workout and Maintain Hairstyle – Best $4 I Ever Spent

I have found the best hair product ever!!! I was struggling with keeping my hairstyle after working out. This was particularly difficult when I decided to wear my hair straight. I don’t straighten often, but when I did, I couldn’t exercise in order to keep the style. I knew that there had to be a solution. I researched and tried many things. I wrapped my hair, put it in a tight ponytail, wore a bun, wore a headband, wore a bandanna. You name it, I tried it. But nothing seemed to work.

A few weeks ago while surfing online, I came across some message board where someone mentioned this mesh cap. I didn’t believe that this could work, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I had just been to the salon and was sporting the straight look. I wasn’t exercising and the guilt was killing me, so I made the purchase.

I waited until I was ready to give up the straight look before putting this to use. I was about 3 days into the hairstyle when I tried this. I wrapped my hair tight and made sure that none of my hair was touching my skin. I did a session of TurboFire and if anyone has tried it, the routine is very intense and I was sweating profusely after. I was convinced that my hair was a gonner. WRONG! I took down my hair and, although it wasn’t as straight as when I wrapped it (turns out I didn’t spend enough time making sure the back of my hair wasn’t touching my skin), my hair was basically still straight. I wrapped my hair that evening, sprayed some oil sheen on it, and tightly wrapped my stretchy silk scarf. The next morning, my hair was perfect! I wore the style for 3 more days and exercised once more. When I decided to wash it out, my hair was still straight. The only reason I couldn’t keep the style was my hair badly needed a wash!

Miracle product. No more excuses. New hairstyle no longer means no exercise!! It also works for those with relaxed hair.

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