There are many women who feel that they don’t want to sacrifice their hair for fitness. These women understand that exercise is important, but feel that they don’t want to mess up that hairdo that took all Saturday in a hair salon to get perfect. I used to be that woman. I could never sustain a consistent exercise regimen because hair was always a factor.

Natural hair resolves this dilemma. Natural hair and fitness are a match made in heaven. I can exercise and have great looking hair immediately following my exercise session. Moisture (sweat) is no longer a concern and I can exercise most days with no issues.

Most people probably don’t realize that exercise can actually promote hair growth. Various yoga poses such as downward dog and head stands allow blood to flow to the scalp which provides an avenue for your scalp to gain the nutrients and oxygen that stimulate hair growth. Also, people who exercise tend to pay more attention to their diet. A proper diet can create stronger, healthier hair that is less likely to experience breakage.

On my site, I will begin to focus on fitness and diet as well as hair tips. I think its important to focus on all aspects of beauty. Who wants great looking hair but an unhealthy looking body??