So 2012 is here and as I am thinking of resolutions, I figured I should come up with some hair resolutions. So here goes:

  1. I noticed recently that the front of my hair grows faster than the back. I think this is due to moisture. The front of my hair is rarely dry. I am going to spend 2012 focused on the back of my hair and keeping it properly moisturized.
  2. I will check my hair to see if a trim is required every 4 months. If my ends are rough and a trim is necessary, it will happen on medium sized twists.
  3. I will cut down on heat to my hair. Direct heat will only be applied every 2 months (this includes flat ironing and blow drying). I will need to find alternative ways of stretching my hair.
  4. I will drink more water. I am trying for 8 glass per day. This should help to keep my hair healthy and hopefully helo with growth.
  5. Regularly do length checks on my hair to determine growth progress. I didn’t do this regularly last year so I can’t truly tell how much my hair grew.
  6. Post to this blog regularly. Post at least once per week to document my hair journey including sharing my thoughts and feelings on my hair throughout the year.